The Reborn Process Explained.

The reborning process takes alot of patience and time. You need to love the art, to be able to produce an incredible lifelike baby out of a vinyl doll.

I use doll kits that are produced just for the Reborn Artist. I have reborned alot of Ashton Drake dolls. These dolls are very expensive and I was very nervous when I first started to take them apart. But now I just take them apart without thinking about it.

When you have your vinyl doll kit it comes to you as a plain canvas for you to start to bring it to life but with Ashton Drake dolls you have to start start to take it apart and then you have to remove the factory paint and remove hair which is glued or remove the moulded look of hair. Then the vinyl parts are washed well. If you are making a open eyed baby then you remove the factory eyes and replace them with top quality crystal eyes.

The colouring process both inside and out is like paining on canvas in layers. I use Genesis heat set paints that have to go into the oven to cure. I use many different colors and i also have my own unique blend of colors that i use to bring the baby to life. When i am happy with the coloring i go on to my next part of the process.

The next stage is rooting of the hair, this process is very time consuming and can take several full days to do, but the effect is outstanding. I always use the most top quality mohair and I always use the most smallest needle you can get, then the mohair gets pushed into the head with the needle you make thousands of hair follicles by the time you have finished rooting. You should only see the tiniest hole where the hair went in. The mohair is rooted in a directional way just like a real babies hair. I then glue it with waterproof glue several times so that the hair can be gently washed and brushed. I feel this part of the reborning process should not be taken very lightly, it is a part of the reborning process that is as important as any of the rest. It also finishes the baby to an outstanding level.

Once the hair has been finished, you can insert a magnet inside the head if your baby is going to have a pacifer. You also place one onto the pacifier you will be using. This allows the baby to look like it is sucking a dummy.

The next thing that the baby has is eyelashes these are either rooted with the same color mohair as the babies hair or is hand applied if the baby has open eyes. The nostrils are opened and backed inside with black felt.

The babies fingers and toes are carefully coloured and tipped in off white to look like real baby nails. Once this is finished they are sealed.

Then you are on the road to finishing the process.

The babies limbs are then filled with the tiniest of glass beads and sealed. The head is weighted to a perfect weight of a real baby then sealed. It is now time to put the baby together using a top quality body often doe suede and different fillings are used to weight the baby to a perfect balance. A new product that i always use is tenderflex this is a squishy substance that feels like real baby fat.

The baby is now ready to be dressed in the perfect outfit for him/her Also the baby would have a real terry nappy as i love them and they look adorable on the baby.

Each and every baby made of mine is unique and is cherished for generations.

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